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Anil Raj


President of Nehan Tech

Anil Raj is a serial International entrepreneur. With over a decade in entrepreneurship, today his businesses range from an Indian chain of restaurants, an International kindergarten, a Travel and leisure business, a valiety of Import and Export businesses and more. An ex-techie with 17 years of experience working in International investment banks like Credit Suisse, Dresdner, Japan’s Shinsei Bank and Citi Bank. He holds an M.S. in Information Technology.

After obtaining his MS in IT from an Australian University, he moved to Indonesia to work for an Indonesian bank as an IT specialist. In 1998, he shifted to Japan to work for Credit Suisse, and has worked for other well-known American, European and Japanese Banks there. In 2005, Anil took the plunge into entrepreneurship, and has achieved much since. His company, RAJGROUP, founded in 2005, is based in Tokyo, Japan.